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Aircraft Hangers

Alqaimtent a company that specializes in Aircraft Hangers is committed to the principles of quality, dependability, integrity, and self-improvement. Alqaimtent is the authorized agent of a number of prestigious international and competent high-quality Aircraft Hangers manufacturers. In recent years, the company has expanded to become the Middle East’s and Asia’s exclusive dealer.

Alqaimtent has built a wide range of airplane and helicopter hangars. If you are looking for more shading options including car parking shades, swimming pool shades or even wedding services in Sharjah, please contact us for more inquiries.


Aircraft Hangers In UAE

Alqaimtent has established itself as the best source for buying the widest range of high-quality  Aircraft Hangers In UAE  selecting professional, foreign companies and supplying them to the Middle East and in Asia. We resolved the planning and architectural character and detailing of feasible Aircraft Hangers In UAE. Applying moisturizer to a gorilla! The building’s size necessitated a bold but straightforward approach. Huge concrete support columns were tapered and partially exposed, cladding was layered to create shadow lines, and the pelmet over the sliding hangar was formed and colored to evoke movement, rise, and flight. has planned, developed, and installed Aircraft Hangers In UAE for aviation, military, automotive, marine, specialty applications, and retrofits in collaboration with manufacturers, architects, engineers, and building suppliers.

Thermostop hangar door

Thermostop Hangar Doors are used when there is a need for a door with a low head height and a wide opening width that other door systems can’t accommodate. Thermostop Hangar Doors provided from Alqaimtent have a high degree of reliability and need no special maintenance because all pieces have been deliberately chosen to be low maintenance. Thermostop Hangar Doors have a one-of-a-kind side sealing pocket that can be closed even in high winds They are designed to work comfortably.


Fold Up Door

These types of hangar doors are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum side channel frames that are thinner, but stronger than steel-framed equivalents. They are custom designed to meet your exact specifications, are simple to mount and have one of the lowest life cycle costs in the industry. The door leaf is made up of two layers of vinyl-coated polyester fabric separated by aluminum or steel intermediate parts. The fabric is tied to both sides of the intermediate pieces, and the intermediate top portion is bolted to the header box with steel wire. The system is automatically monitored and run.

Steel Sliding Panel Door

Sliding steel doors are a cost-effective option for applications that require massive, or even ultra-wide, doors. For oversized openings, these doors are perfect. Steel channel and cold-shaped structural members are used to construct the structures. The following are the characteristics.

  • Heavy Duty Track and Pram System
  • Smooth and Powerful Dual Drive System
  • Full Weather Seal Manual Release
  • Steel Rollers Lockable Motor Positioning at any time during the Opening/Closing Sequence
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