Regardless of whether the area is residential or industrial Since from last couple of years  Alqaimtent the best Car Parking Shades approach has been to shield cars from hot weather, dust, granny, rain, and other dangerous conditions in UAE. We are proud to produce, provide and install parking shades, with a rich background in the manufacturing sector and continue to grow here in the UAE as one of the most reliable Car Parking Shades. We also tailor your car park shade to make them compliant with the entire exterior design, as well as to comply with security requirements based on your preferences and specifications.

Modern Car Parking Shades:

The newest Modern Car Parking Shades we produce. Like Air-Craft Hanger’s shade, Bus Stands, including Cantilever Car parking shades, Arch Design car parking shade UAE. Garden Umbrellas, Gazebos & Shades, Masjid Shades, Membrane Structure, Restaurant Shades, Stadium & Park Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, Tensile Structures, Walkways Covering, Wedding Marquees, Steel Shades. ETC. Alqaimtent provides all these

Modern Car Parking Shades across all the emirates of UAE. If you are required for Modern Car Parking Shades, Car Parking Shade, Swimming Piscine Shade, Roof Shade, Bus Shade Any Type OF Shade and Tents Contact us without hesitation, please.


Car Parking Shades

Car Parking Shades Suppliers:

Alqaimtent has been a Car Parking Shades Suppliers in UAE and beyond UAE. As one of UAE’s most popular Car Parking Shades Suppliers, we take this role seriously and we always want to make sure that we give our customers solutions that meet a variety of spaces and satisfy all of their needs. Alqaimtent wants to deliver the best quality Car Parking shades Suppliers in UAE, with the best parking shades maintained, thus offering excellent value for money. The attention we pay to everything from design and engineering to manufacturing and installation to creating premium parking shades makes a product visually appealing as well as extremely convenient. We are proud to deliver an affordable luxury product.

What We Offer:

  • Project delivery in due course
  • Premium building materials of quality
  • Authorized legal documents
  • Experienced and trained workforce

Car Parking Shades in Uae:

Looking for Car Parking Shades In UAE?

Alqaimtent provides high-quality material Car Parking Shades In UAE with all supply and installation services.

We give really long-lasting shades of car for UAE hot weather, giving cars full shade, which holds their interior, glow and shine for a long time. We deliver personalized and regular Car Parking Shades In UAE with all appropriate shades structure and fabric calculation. High-quality shading is used on shades such as PVC Fabric, PVC, Knitted Mesh Fabric, GRP Sheet, GI Sheet, K-Span Sheet, etc. We have high-quality material for shading car shades. We use Galvanized Steel Frame, MS Epoxy Structure, the Aluminum structure is designed for shades which give parking shades a long life. We guarantee for the structure and fabric of 5 to 15 years on parking shades.


Car Parking Shades Fiber:

Alqaimtent uses high-quality Car Parking Shades Fiber that covers the car 100% by UV and ensures that the car shines and glows in UAE’s hot weather.HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Car Parking Shades Fiber is a high-quality material that is used in tensile structures and parking shades. The fabric is made from high-quality fabrics over a longer period of time. It has been engineered for optimum power, durability, and safety. Alqaimtent

Car Parking Shades Fiber material is waterproof and non-waterproof, which offers cover in every weather condition. The following is the stuff for our Car Shades:

Material for shading:

  • 95 HDPE mesh knitted manufacturing commercial ( Australian Made Gale Pacific)
  • Made of PVC (Ferarri PVC Fabric, Mehlar PVC Fabric, Verseidag PVC Fabric)
  • Made of PTFE (Verseidag PTFE, Obeaken)
  • Manufacture of Acrylic Canvas (Made in Spain)
  • Fiberglass | FRP Sheet GRP Sheet
  • Parking shades of K-Span Car

The material of the structure:

  • Structure of MS Steel.
  • Structure of Stainless Steel.
  • Structure of aluminum.
  • Structure of galvanized steel.
  • Accessories for the galvanized link.
  • Accessories for SS Link.

Car Parking Shed:

Alqaimtent is the first manufacturer of Car Parking shed and suppliers of  parking shades, car parking huts, and car tents in UAE at the best prices. If you want unique outdoor solutions for Car Parking Shed design, we can customize Car parking Shed and modern roof structures according to your needs for ideas, style, and shade. Alqaimtent specializes in car showrooms (car dealerships), residential parking, and commercial shades for Indians, from personal small-size cars, SUVs to Van at a modest rate. Different sizes, shapes, and attractive paint available for your vehicle. We believe in cooperation from the very start of a project as a specialty contractor, we provide support in pre-conception, design, development, planning, etc.